Is Medifast A High Protein Diet? How Much Do You Get In A Typical Day?

Is Medifast A High Protein Diet? How Much Do You Get In A Typical Day?
Is Medifast A High Protein Diet

I sometimes listen to individuals who ask me if Medifast can be a high protein diet like others within this category. They frequently question the way a prepackaged food can contend with do-it-yourself diets which are known particularly for his or her high amounts or protein. I have lately been told by somebody that stated: “Is Medifast really considered a higher protein diet? Yes, it will get you into ketosis, but exactly how much protein are you currently really getting?” I’ll answer this question as particularly when I can in this article.

Is Medifast Diet

What Really Comprises A Higher Protein Diet: I believe it’s fair to state that many of these kinds of diets advocate getting 30 % of the calories from protein. Another calculation that’s frequently accustomed to figuring out how much protein you’ll need is spreading unwanted weight by .37. So, with this particular method, should you considered 150 pounds, you’d need (based on these computations) 55 grams of protein each day.

Searching at the Quantity of Protein inside a Day’s Price of Medifast: To be able to calculate the quantity of protein that you’d be consuming about this diet every day, I’ll consider a sample menu and tally the protein content from the items. The amount of each food selection I am going to list with let you know, its protein content. Let’s begin. Listed here are the foods so as;

Breakfast: Southwest style eggs

Mid-morning snack: Nederlander chocolate shakes

Lunch: chili

Mid-day snack: peanut butter soft serve frozen treats lean and eco-friendly meal for supper (the precise menu can be you)

Nightly Snack: chili nacho cheese puffs.

So, we are already at 61 grams of protein so we haven’t even calculated within our lean and eco-friendly meal that ought to ideally contain three to five oz. of lean protein.

 Medifast A High Protein Diet

Since protein includes four calories per gram, we’re searching at 244 grams of protein (before our lean and eco-friendly meal) inside a diet that includes around 1200 calories each day. To be able to achieve that 30 % of desirable protein, we’d need 156 calories of protein for the lean and eco-friendly meal that is about 30 grams. Since a 3.5-ounce chicken, white meat consists of 30 grams of protein, which means you’re directly on track. And that is not counting the protein that could be within the three portions of vegetables you need to have inside your lean and eco-friendly because beans mainly contain generous amounts.

So based on the above computations. Hopefully, I have proven you that yes, for me Medifast is consistent with a higher protein diet.